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The Pioneer Inn and Tavern Law legalized drinking in public bars and saloons. The Golden Age of cocktails thrived for nearly a century until the 1919 Volstead Act almost destroyed the craft of the American bartender by outlawing the production and pleasure of alcoholic beverages. However, in hidden rooms and dark basements, thirsty patrons still sought spirits. And so the Speakeasy was born, booming until the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.

Nearly another century after Prohibition’s repeal, left only with fond memories and old bar manuals, the art of mixing drinks is alive today thanks to the efforts of dedicated bartenders, historians and drinkers alike. It’s because of their diligence and passion that the pleasures of artfully crafted cocktails, fine wine and masterfully prepared food has kept the spirits of the night dancing on our tongues and in our hearts. Welcome to the celebration of our history.

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Emily Young, Head Chef

Emily Young is Head Chef of Tavern Law, originally founded by notable Seattle chefs Brian McCracken & Dana Tough.

She was born and raised in Texas. After completing a business degree in accounting and marketing, she decided her primary passion was food. She moved to Seattle in 2007 to start her culinary career. After completing a culinary arts program at the art institute of Seattle she went on to take an internship with one of Seattle's oldest and most revered restaurants, Rover's.

She has spent the past 6 years cultivating her career by learning from some of the best chefs in Seattle. Emily began her career as a cook at Spur Gastropub and advanced quickly later becoming the Head Chef at Old Sage and now Tavern Law.

Her main focus is creating great food and utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients to do so.